Tagtool update: some questions and more

Hi all!

i was wondering if this new version of tagtool (1.3.0) has any new features besides video recording? thing is that since my last 2 panic attacks with tagtool regarding being few hours from an event and didnt realized that the app had been updated but not the player ( which i can’t use without since i dont trust the ipad cable connection and need to be independent from a wire source as i usually roam around on the events ) and in both times this has happened i was saved by the amazing devs who provide me with a provisory player for my act. since i just realized that the player is not even available anymore, i dont want to do the update…unless the devs promise that a new player is under development.

another question, besides the player are there any other way to send the signal to a projector?

i am currently working on a project with another artist, we met today to develop some ideas, he brought his ipad, tried to connect and the error message poped up, this was how i realized a new version must have been launched and sure it was. he was going to upgrade to pro but i said no no as we wont be able to work together due to this player incompatibility…is it possible for him ( i doubt ) to get the previous version of tagtool, one that actually works with this player 1.2.1 that you guys provided me for OSX?

thanks in advance, stay safe and greetings from portugal



The video recording feature is definitely the big star in the recent update. We also had some time to re-work the general GUI. From now on we keep the panels visible at all time. Bye, bye Panels Button!
More space for the rest and much cleaner user interface. Have you ever used the button to hide/show your top bar or animation bar or deck?

After the iOS release we can focus on the Tagtool Player version again - we keep you posted.


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