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Hi…Has anyone had success “switching” back and forth between running Tagtool and a video file on an iPad 12.9 (2018)?

Some of the odd things I find is that when I go from running a video file on iMovie or Dropbox or a video in Photos to TT, the sound from the video stops, while the video keeps running. Sometimes the video stops, too.

Thanks! Paul


I can´t verify this issue on my iPad Pro (2019) (14.2iOS). Video & sound stops and continues when switching. I haven´t had an external display connected when i tested.


Interesting…thanks for responding!

So i tested again after a restart and now the audio is always muted when switching apps but the video keeps playing. But audio is just muted and has not stopped. It happens as soon as i leave the photos app to any other program, dock or control center.


Yes, that sounds familiar to me, too. I understand this isn’t a function of TT, but it’s an interesting puzzle! Thanks so much for your attention. One thing I’m considering, is separating the audio from the video files I use, so that I can play the audio track on one device, then still switch back and forth between video and TT animations, using identical imagery with both applications to make it appear that I’m “seamlessly” and imperceptibly (to an audience) switching back and forth. What I’m doing is running 3 iPads and 3 projectors for a live performance (although, I’ll be filming the entire project for posting on the web for audience to see). I thought it’d be cool to switch back and forth between TT and video, using photographic imagery in TT, and making video that is edited to look like how I’m using TT. I’ll try to post an example soon! Thanks so much, again, for all your attention to your app!!!

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