Tagtool + Video

Hello. Has anyone worked with projecting Tagtool from an iPad and “regular” video files from a laptop, projecting both simultaneously on the same surface? I work with Qlab for live theater and dance shows. I’d like to try projecting live animations and saved video footage at the same time. Grateful for any replies!

Hey OffLeashArea,
ever considered using VDMX or something similar for live-video? Setup could be: ipad->hdmi to mac via blackmagic (Blackmagic ultrastudio mini Recorder for instance). Then mix the sources with your favorite mixing tool (live-input layer and video-layer). I am using VDMX as mentioned above. Really great software. I don´t know Qlab, but if it has live-input support for anything that gets an hdmi-signal into your computer it should work similar.

Thanks Robotfish!
I’m actually thinking of how to project TAgtool and recorded video at the same time, although live video is something for me to think about in the future. Is there a way to be animating on a tablet with Tagtool while simultaneously, or alternating back and forth, with recorded video clips?

If you have any ideas, thank you!

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