The new Tagtool and iOS 11

As you might know the new operating system for iPads iOS 11 is available as of now. A word of warning - if you have an important Tagtool project coming up, it’s better to wait for a bit longer before upgrading!

In our tests the new Tagtool works well with iOS 11. But we observed some issues with iPad Air and Air2, where connecting an external display can lead to a crash.

We are working on an update. We’re in communication with Unity3d (the engine Tagtool is based on), who have confirmed our observation and are working on fixing things on their end.

If you have any other observations or questions regarding Tagtool and iOS11, let us know!


Hi there community! hi @Maki!
is there any news about the tagtool pro not running on the ios 11?
Because im in trouble, i really need to use it for some events coming soon, and it is still not working.

I tried to uninstall de ios 11 but it was already too late for going back to the ios 10.

if there is any news about this please let me know!

sorry, i meant, the old tagtool!


I think the only way to bring the old Tagtool back to life is downgrading your iOS. The old Tagtool does not work with the new 64-Bit software update from Apple.

Have you tried the new Tagtool? It basically does everything the old did.


I’m not sure if you can put 10.3.3 back on an iPad at this point in time. I read that Apple stopped signing 10.3.3 I only found this out because last night I was having holiday fun with the K-8 center down the street. I have an Air A1474 that I had upgraded to 11.1 not thinking anything of it, since my old Tagtool did not work anymore I downloaded the New Tagtool and tested, all seemed pretty cool, all I was doing was beaming a lot of .pngs and trying out the Tagtools deck, all seemed pretty cool but the system really started to slow down, it was hard to get from animate back to draw and vice versa but we still made it work whenever I crashed I just restarted the iPad, only happened twice. I thought I had too many png snowflakes floating around the scene or I needed a system upgrade :frowning: When I got home last night I immediately download 11.2 thinking that was my problem, of course I had not read this thread yet. When I went to connect over wifi, Tagtool crashed, every
time, ugh, then I read this thread and when I investigated downgrading it looks like a no go. Luckily I do have another iPad Air with 10.3.3 the old and the new Tagtool and a mini with the old Tagtool loaded but we will sure miss the iPad with 11.2 when it comes to doing collaborations. In any case that’s my story, keep us posted about the update and have a great holiday season.

thank you guys! @Clifford @iink
i already downloaded the new tagtool and im trying it. i really like it! The only thing i am missing is when you could animate the elements and they would loop to infinity in crazy directions . Now is just looping elements in a specific path? Does anyone know that? Or is there a cool tutorial about the new tagtool?

Gracias <3

Hey Sofia!

Good to read you’re trying the new one out! I love it too! And had the same questions a little while back.

When you’re on the animation screen, you can do those spins and moves along paths by using two fingers on the record button and trying stuff out…

New Tagtool is cool except when you try to project. I"m on IOS 10.3.3 and the Tagtool freezes when connected to the projector. Bugs, bugs. Looking forward to the fixes.

Hello I just bought a new IPad Pro with ISO11.2.1. Tagtool crash immediately when I plug in hdmi cable. Is there any solution for this issue? Thx


This happens to me too! How can I fix it or export the action from my iPad Pro to a projector? I have a show on Thursday!!

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uou!!! i have the same big problem too! just crash when plug the projector!! is very , very bad for me now! i need to fix this in hours


iOS and Unity still don’t play nice and we are waiting for the fix to the external display issues. In the meantime, you can use the new Tagtool Player to output to a projector via a Windows PC or Mac:

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Hi Maki, Marry Chritmas! Tagtool player Does it work on Resolume? Have you been tested? Thanks so mach.

Hi @achilesluciano, merry christmas man!

we probably will add Syphon / Spout support to the Player in the near future, then it will be possible to use it easily with Resolume or other VJ software

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Massa Maki! Valeu abraços.

Hi everyone!
@achilesluciano, im running Tagtool through Resolume with Black Magic recorder and Black Syphon. It is great! im doing things like this


Love these images! There is a lot of “cartoony” imagery out there, and this is getting somewhere more interesting to me.

I’m brand new to Tagtool, and hoping to use it with live theater and dance.
Our company website is I hope to see more of what you’re doing!

Right now, I’m just figuring out the projector set up :slight_smile:
(Minneapolis, USA)


So beautiful! Do you use live Tagtool feed or prerecorded animations?

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Some recorded and some live!

I am using an iPad Air 2 on ios 11.2.1 and trying to project Tagtool via HDMI. I’ve tried many ways to load the app and connect the projector but Tagtool crashes every time.
I think it could be a great tool to use with my 2 projector bikes but at the moment it’s impossible. Any word on updates to resolve this issue please?

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