TT crashing with 1.4 b11183 latest App version and new OS

Hi. I recently updated both my Tagtool from the app store to the latest version (1.4 b11183), and it keeps crashing when I try to take a screenshot or drag an asset in from the deck.

It does say it is screen recording occasionally (other times it crashes), but then the recording disappears. It doesn’t show up in the camera roll.

I updated my OS to the most recent version (15?) to try to solve the problem, and it’s still happening.

Restarted, and still happening.I have iPad Pro 2018. Is this happening to anyone else since updating? It had been very stable until the updates. Is it possible to go back a version?

Thank you!

Hi Karen,

Sorry for the late reply! We haven’t heard of any issues like that and my guess would be, that your scenes are too heavy for your iPad, so it crashes because of a memory issue. Critical are large pngs or jpgs, massively duplicated animated objects and very long painted objects without starting a new layer in between. To verify this, you can simplify the scene step by step, until the screenshot and the deck import works again. Hope that helps!

All the best,