TT crashing with 1.4 b11183 latest App version and new OS

Hi. I recently updated both my Tagtool from the app store to the latest version (1.4 b11183), and it keeps crashing when I try to take a screenshot or drag an asset in from the deck.

It does say it is screen recording occasionally (other times it crashes), but then the recording disappears. It doesn’t show up in the camera roll.

I updated my OS to the most recent version (15?) to try to solve the problem, and it’s still happening.

Restarted, and still happening.I have iPad Pro 2018. Is this happening to anyone else since updating? It had been very stable until the updates. Is it possible to go back a version?

Thank you!

Hi Karen,

Sorry for the late reply! We haven’t heard of any issues like that and my guess would be, that your scenes are too heavy for your iPad, so it crashes because of a memory issue. Critical are large pngs or jpgs, massively duplicated animated objects and very long painted objects without starting a new layer in between. To verify this, you can simplify the scene step by step, until the screenshot and the deck import works again. Hope that helps!

All the best,

Hi! I just wanted to update this. It is not a consistent problem, but quite often even when I try to drag an asset from the deck that is only a dot (nothing complex or even moving) Tagtool totally crashes. Actually right now even if I try to draw a red dot and bring the file into the deck, TT, crashes. I guess no one else is having this problem?

Tagtool 1.4 b11183
pro version of TT
Ipad Pro 2018 running 15.4

Another update on this issue: I had to nuke my Tagtool on the iPad and totally start over by redownloading from the App store, which erased all my historic Decks. First I backed up my Decks by moving them from my iPad files to iCloud, then if I wanted anything I moved it back into the new current fresh Tagtool download. Just posting here in case helpful to anyone else in future!

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It happened also to me. Right now I lost an event because Tagtool started crashing. I installed the latest TT and also the newest iOS version and didn’t work. By erasing Tagtool completely worked for you?
I have upcoming events and I don’t know what to do!

Hi Rimiyoho!
So sorry about your event. :frowning:

Yes, first I backed up my Tagtool decks (in iPad files) by moving a copy of those folders to iCloud, made sure they were showing up there, then completely deleting Tagtool from my iPad and reinstalling from the App store. When the fresh one reinstalled, all the decks were gone (sometimes the previous decks appear, sometimes they get deleted, so definitely back up anything important). I moved copies of the deck folders I needed from iCloud back into the active Tagtool folder in my iPad and they turned up no problem, and the crashing stopped. I guess the problem was too many decks or corruption in some of the decks?

In any case it was probably good to have a clearout.

Hope this helps, and best of luck! K

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Very sorry for the technical troubles. We try to fix them as fast as possible - some errors are caused by the engine. We hope that the iOS 16 Update fixes some issues and does not cause any more harm.

  • GPU Issue with older iPads:
    Tagtool starts and after the Logo appears it´s all black. We have been investigating this problem and it looks like older iPad models have a GPU error on startup - we haven´t found any workaround so far. Looks like it got introduced when Apple changed from A12 chips to M1.

  • Deck items problems - Loading in deck items creates grey empty layers:
    We found some issues with decks created in a multiplayer session ( Tagtool Player Sessions). PNG images caused the problem. It will be fixed in the upcoming version.

  • @Karen : I haven´t been able to reproduce your issue. But i can confirm that i also had problems moving deckitems - files went missing - etc. I started to zip my folders and keep my deck backups outside of the tagtool file structure. I also stopped compressing the entire root “deck” folder - when 1 GB is reached my iPad takes forever to copy / move.

  • @Rimiyoho Sorry for the financial loss. How big is your decks folder? Did it get any better when you did a complete wipe?


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It was very strange that my Tagtool started to crash sometimes before the event, but I was confident that it won´t happen always. When I was already at the event, I connected my iPad to the HDMI and it crashed all the times, it´s like Tagtool was damaged. I tried reinstalling the app and the latest iOS version and it didn´t work until I erased completely Tagtool , I didn´t want to do that in the event with the risk to loose all my decks, but it was my last chance and it worked!!!

But since then, I noticed that sometimes the animations don´t flow right, they have theses little jumps, horizontal animation jumps even with simple objects. Is this something to do with my iPad or with Tagtool?
My iPad Pro is 2018 model.


Watching this thread with apprehension, thinking of the last long term crashing issues from circa 2019……I have not experienced any issues for a long while. I have the current TT, and use iPad Pro 12.9 gen 4 (2020), and iPad 9th gen (2021). I also use VGA cables to projectors. Finger crossed for the vigilant TT team!