TT crashing

Hello. I’m experiencing TT frequently crashing again. I am using iPad 9th gen wifi 65g, and the latest OS 17.1.1. TT crashes when I move from Painting Mode to Animation Mode, and also when moving from Animation Mode to Full Screen Mode. Additionally, the number and size of png files I’m able to use before TT crashes has decreased significantly. These problems do not occur with my 2019 iPad Pro wifi 256g.

Any others with these issues, or thoughts from the Team? Thank you!

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You could try out our new Testflight Version - Join the Tagtool beta - TestFlight - Apple
We did some performance updates and deck related optimisations - maybe this helps on your device.

It might also help to keep your number of deck folders low. Backup older folders if you don´t need them anymore - and move them somewhere out of your “decks folder” in the Files App.

For Fullscreen Mode: Do you have any Antialiasing enabled? (Menu/Output Quality)


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Hi Mat

Thanks a lot for the reply!

My iPads have between 30 and 35 decks, and the Graphics Output Quality were all on Medium Quality (SMAA).

How few “live” decks would you suggest I maintain, and what Output Quality?

Also, what does the setting “UI on external display” mean?

Additionally, I now see that TT 1.4.2b8 automatically downloaded on my MacBook Pro with M1 Max chip. And, there are two settings there that I’ve not seen on the iPads: a) Start Syphon Server ( I have MadMapper on that MacBook, so is this somehow related to MadMapper’s built in Syphon/Spout interface?), and b) “Super Sampling” is located in the Graphics settings?

Finally, you may recall that I almost only use pngs to create collages of imagery (I’ve never been a good draftsman!). Is there any documentation about optimum/average size of png files to use? I now only use images that are no more than 4" inches in any dimension, and at 300-dpi. I also try to keep smaller images at 250k, and larger background images at 1.5mb or less

Thank you again for such an amazing tool!

Hello Mat

Thanks again for the tips. When I work, I often create everything on my 2020 iPad Pro with 256G, and then share the decks with several 9th gen iPads with 64g. Removing the decks off the 9th gen iPads, and choosing No Aliasing in the Graphics/Output seems to have worked well. I wonder, what is the purpose of the aliasing functions? Usually, I see “best” in a graphics function and automatically want to activate it!

Also, on my iPad Pro I am copying my decks folder into iCloud, and will do some tests to move individual decks back and forth and see how they work. Sometimes when I’ve done this in the past, the deck and its contents will appear in TT, but when I drag an animation, or png into the workspace, it’s as if it’s a ghost - it just sits there and I’m unable to activate it. Even if I switch back into Painting mode, the “ghost” is still visible. The only way it disappears is if I touch the same item in the decks and move it up or down in the row of animations/images - then it disappears from the workspace. It’s pretty strange!

I wonder if this is a symptom of an improper copying of the deck from one place to another. Or, perhaps I didn’t allow enough time for the deck to finish copying before I began to mess with its contents?

All very interesting!

Finally, I am going to run some tests on PNG files of various resolutions and sizes to see if I can lower the size of image file I’m using, and further save processing power when using these intro level iPads.

Thank you!