Update: Tagtool 1.0.1

Hi there,

The first minor update for the new Tagtool is here! If you have any feedback or questions, please let us know.


  • Crash when saving a screenshot, importing images or accessing the camera on iOS11
  • Learn mode messages shouldn’t be visible in fullscreen view
  • Preview on layer cards sometimes not correct
  • Occasional jumps occurring with perfectly horizontal animations and spin animations
  • Occasional jitter motion happening when zooming out
  • Visual glitch when layer cards pass through each other
  • Not possible to add more than 4 animations on a single layer
  • Brighten up background slightly when using eraser so it easier to paint black masks
  • Loop offset feature is now only available in Pro
  • Background color occasionally incorrect in multiplayer sessions with Tagtool basic clients
  • Layer cards occasionally get stuck in active mode
  • Minor visual UI tweaks