Updated tagtool player?

is it out yet? please link…im still using the one that was prvided by someone here in my last gig…but i was hoping the official release would be out by now? no?

Also…the tagtool player 1.1.0 that was sent to me asks me to go pro when i try to use 1080p…and i have pro version but on ipad, not the pro version of the…player? please guys can someone explain me whats going on…once again im just a few hours before a big concert and theres always some problem…i have tagtool curse!!!

I just opened the old tagtool player and it fills the entire screen of my macbook…this new 1.1.0 player is compatible with the new tagtool pro but doesnt let me change the resolution and it shows a a much smaller screen in my macbook monitor making the same black borders in the LED screen where im projecting…please guys help

Sorry for the pressure and i might sound unfair…but its really hard to understand to me, how a month ago when i panicked 2h before doing a live show to realize that the player was imcompatible with the new tagtool version, and screamed for help here, and (sorry cant remember who) someone sent a not official version of the player that worked with new version…and 1 month later there isnt still a official player release…sorry in advance, this is teh best app ever but this app was made for live shows, and its really stressful as shit to be here with everyone waiting for me to solve this…when i have no idea what to do

I FIXED IT!!! tried the alt click to open the player and manage to change the resolution there…and it worked…sorry once again for my panicking…but the fact that i have this issues on stage just about to start teh show doesnt help!! Thanks for this excelent app!

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