Upgrading to TAGTOOL PRO not possible on iPad (6th generation), ios11.4.1

HI,… i am trying to upgrade to tagtool Pro, but I keep getting an message that transaction could not be completed… (UNKNOWN ERROR)! Other apps could be purchased and installed.
It’s a new IPAD (6th generation) running IOS 11.4.1.
A friend installed tag tool pro in an Ipas Pro with the same operating system… and it’s running wonderfully.
can anybody help?
thanks und vielen Dank


Hey there! Sorry to hear that. We are trying to investigate this issue. It´s the first time we hear about that.

HELLO! It’s solved. Customer Service of Apple modified some issues and made it work.
Don’t ask me what, it’s not specified in their replies, but it’s done.
Thanks and sorry

this issue is also happened with me. When I am trying to install it on my Windows 10. It shows lots of issues. It is generally showing Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing Windows 10. I searching for the solution but don’t get the solution.