Urgent Help for Tagtool to Resolume with a PC

PC wizards, I’m trying to run tagtool through resolume on a pc via spout. I thought I could use airserver but it looks like airserver doesnt support spout output on windows. Does anyone have any advice on my next best option? Literally at the gig right now trying to trouble shoot this the night before. Any advice great appreciated!

Update, Tagtool player for the win! Posting this here in case anyone else is looking for a pc solution. I ended up having to update my Tagtool on the iPad and did an ethernet wired situation between the iPad and PC instead of wireless network. Working like a charm on a three projector output!

Big love to the Tagtool team!

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We were travelling - sorry - read just now. Glad you found a solution.
Yes, ethernet for the win!