Urgent tagtool player different version

Im going to do a gig in 2 hours and was testing now and somehow the tagtool app is telling me its a different version than the tagtool player? What is going on? Please help i have to do this using my macbook…HELP URGENT

I cant seem to find a way to downgrade the app to the previous version…cmon guys why you release an update without updating the player??? Im so fucked up now…i have no adapter…also the player makes my session much more stable and if by any chance the tagtool crashes i will still have the session on the stage and can reconnect and get all the content back by joining again…this is really sad man…i didnt test it as i didnt knew my tagtool was updated

Please please if theres any chance for me to roll back to the previous version…this gig is really really important for me…

I’m so sorry you’re having this problem. Hope you get an answer soon.

No worries - we got him covered via pm.


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!..it worked perfectly im so sorry for reacting so angry…you guys were amazing thank you

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Great that you got it solved! Follow-up question for the rest of us - I also have the same problem. Is there a Player update or do I also have to downgrade my Tagtool too?

Hi, we want to output to 3 projectors via a Tripplehead (3072*768) from Tagtool Player running on Windows 10. (Tagtool Player output will be fed into Resolume 6 via DXtory virtual capture device. Seems to work great btw.).

We have access to an older iPad 2 (for development) and a brandnew iPad Pro (just for the evening). As it seems there is no way to manually install the 1.01 version of Tagtool itself anymore since 19.5.2019.

So we would either need a beta of Tagtool Player 1.1 or a way to install the 1.01 version of Tagtool on the ipads.

edit: we just tested Tagtool 1.1 on the iPad 2, and it is indeed VERY laggy. So a way to install Tagtool 1.01 would be much prefered.

This is URGENT as well, as the gig is in 2 weeks, and we still need to create alot content and get used to the system. Please contact me asap. thx!

SO no idea how to dm here. feel free to contact the email associated with my account. I am a new purchaser with commercial intentions. I own a media company. Please send me a version of player that I can get working. I get the “server is different version” issue countless others I’ve seen in the forum have. I don’t mind if it’s beta. I’ll even be a tester. But if you cannot provide a way for me to with stability send the output into windows10 I will have to disregard this software till it comes together. Which would be highly unfortunate.

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