Vga vrs Hdmi

Hi there!

Do you think Hdmi is better than VGA when using the ipad?

Because im actually having troubles when i plug mi ipad to a screen via VGA adapter. The drawing lines starts to break and have no fluidity, and in general, the workflow of the tagtool in ipad starts to break, loosing control of it.
i couldn´t try yet with other vga adapter, maybe mine is broken. Just wanting to know if this has happend to anybody else?

Thanks, from Uruguay!

Hi Sofia,

HDMi has got a better visual quality than VGA but the performance should be the same. Which iPad are you using? Is it an older generation? It may not have enough power to handle an external display.

All the best from Austria!

Hi @Gnu! thanks!
It is not an old ipad, i bought it last year, version 9.2.1
i guess it could be the adapter. i´ll try with other one as soon as i can!

Okay! The version 9.2.1. sounds like the version of the operating system iOS. The iPad model (iPad Pro, iPad Air, etc.) you find at the back of the device at the bottom. Below “iPad” it says “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China Model Axxxx.” With the model number (Axxxx) you can look up which iPad model you have under this link:

ok, true! my ipad model is A1566 Air 2!

I know it’s much later, but I wanted to note that when I tried to hook up my iPad Pro 2018 to a projector using HDMI (via USB C adaptor) Tagtool lagged and then stopped working. I had hoped to use a hardwired solution instead of relying on Airplayer but will keep trying various solutions.

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