Way to start TT with a session

Hello! I’m using TT in combination with TouchDesigner, and adding automation for autostart of the app combination. I use CMDs that access shortcuts like

start “Autostart TagTool” “bin\shortcuts\Tagtool_shortcut.lnk” “-s” “-h”
timeout /t 10

It starts with spout, but I can’t find the way to start it with an opened local network session. Is there a workaround to do it? Thank you!


You just need "-p " to launch a network session.

Here is the list of commands for the Tagtool Player App:

  • Enter Tagtool Desktop Server name: -h TagtoolServer
  • Start a local network session with: -p
  • Start Syphon/Spout with: -s
  • Enter fullscreen with: -f

This is an example without launching Spout - Server is called “DS3-Wall”

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Thank you very much for your answer! Now, it’s clear:)

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