What is the road map for Tagtool?

Hello Tagtoolers,

Thank you for the amazing tool.

I’m wondering what is the roadmap for Tagtool development.
Are you planning on new features?
How we can help to make it happen?

Thank you,


Dear @Gokhanokur
New updates with minor improvements are coming, the next one will be out in a few days. In terms of new features, these are the next items on our roadmap:

  • capture videos with transparency / alpha channel for use in compositing workflows
  • hierarchies: better object management with the ability to navigate down into subgroups
  • support of OSC/MIDI to make it possible to use oldschool DIY Tagtool consoles again, and interface with other software that supports these protocols

Apart from that we are working on general improvements in performance and quality, and have some concrete ideas to expand the animation capabilities of Tagtool.

How you can help -

  • keep on rocking on Tagtool and tell people about it
  • help us beta test new versions
  • send us feedback if you find bugs or have concrete ideas for improvements
  • the next update includes new translations for Spanish, Portuguese and Traditional Chinese. These translation have been made possible with the help of friends and partners from the Tagtool community. If you want to see Tagtool in your language and can support us with this, let us know!

thank you and best wishes!

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Hello Maki,

Thank you so much for the answers.

Transparency recording will be amazing.
Hierarchies: this sounds interesting.
OSC/MIDI: Let me take my old box from the shelf :smiley:
Expand the animation capabilities of Tagtool: This made me pretty curious. Would you like to elaborate on that?

On the help side:
I’m telling everyone that I meet. hahahah. Not much luck tough, somehow iPad is not accessible and common.

I can be a beta tester, but is this gonna create a conflict with the current version that I’m using? I’m not updating my iPad just for the sake of stability.

Ideas for improvement: Let me work on that.

Translation: I can work on Turkish translation if you like.

Thank you,

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