What sort of experimentation with shared sessions have worked the best with kids?

Recently I’ve been working with a group of about ten children ages 6-11 and been having trouble focusing their work in a way where they create a scene in a session together. Mostly they want to write and scribble! I’m glad they do and I’m not irritated when they do, but I’d love to hear about any “scene ideas” you have tried in the past that have worked for you.

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I have good experiences with:


  • Underwater (fish, crabs, divers, sunken ships, mermaids, etc.)
  • Space (spaceships, space stations, stars, planets, UFOs, alien, etc.)
  • Air (planes, zeppelins, wind wheels, clouds, balloons, etc.)


  • Monsters
  • Superheros
  • Fantasy Animals
  • Robots
  • Aliens
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Sometimes we start off without tablets, strictly pen and paper. Like this they focus on the ideas and drawings, and don’t get distracted by the technology. When they pick up the iPads later, they usually continue with the stories they started before!