When a Session breaks down, what to do?

Using three iPads, one iPad Air running 11.3 that created the Session and two iPad 4s running 10.3.3 everything was going great until the Session Leader iPad Air ran out of battery and shut down on us. We left the Session on both the iPad 4s and set one of them up to create the New Session, the symbol was gold, then we tried to join that Session and the second iPad 4 but it could not find the Session. We attempted several times, doing everything but restarting the iPads. Besides not letting the Session Leader iPad’s run out of power, does anyone have a process that we could do to get the Sessions up and running again when stuff like this happens? Also, I checked the iPad4s today to see if they could create their own session and they did, but the difference is that I was on a different Network, this makes me go hmmmm. Should I reconnect the iPads to the Network when they can’t find a Session? Any ideas?


Steps i would do:

  • Turn the WiFi off/on again on the iPad
  • Restart the Wifi Router
  • Restart iPads

Usually one of these steps fixes the network issues.

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