Crashing repeatedly 🥵

Thank you Matthew,
I’m now having real trouble with the whole app crashing repeatedly while I’m putting together an important presentation.
It crashes when I’m loading pics from deck. It’s suuuuper frustrating.
How can I delete some of the repeats of animations saved in decks?
They’re so tiny that I cannot tell what they are.
Thank you again,

Using 12.6.1 6th generation iPad


Crash might happen due to memory issues. Especially when the images you are importing are very big file sizes. If you can resize them that might help.

Delete a deckitem by selecting it first in the deckfolder. Then you press the “Delete” Button in the panel next to the layercards in Animation Mode.


Thank you,
Still crashing:( super bummed.
Wishing I could export animations somehow…


An app crash most likely happens due to memory issues.

When your painting starts to feel slower and mode change starts taking some seconds - that are usually the first signs that your iPad is running low on memory.

  • Do you paint a lot in a single layer? Do you have a lot of eraser used in a single layer?
    Many paint and/or eraser strokes need a lot of resources.

  • Do you have big imported jpg/png files?
    2000 x 2000 pixels and smaller is recommended for png files. A jpg. can get slightly bigger.

So far - exporting animations only works with external software or hardware.


Thank you Mat for doing your best to help me resolve the crashing issues.
It took me a very long time and much repetitiveness but this morning, hallelujah I finished my project. I managed to find an app that helped me really reduce my pictures which were tiny but had a lot of empty space around the main image. I split up the images over 4 decks too.
Yay!! :partying_face::tada::clap:t2: