How to record a Tagtool video?

There are 2 common ways to capture a video signal from an iPad.


Software like Airserver or Reflector offer ways to send the output of an iPad directly to your laptop. It´s a very good solution to capture up to 720p resolution videos if you use a 5 GHz network and have a rather new ipad model with a Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac). It also allows to use the Tagtool videosignal in most VJ software like Modul8 or Resolume via Syphon.


If you want high resolution videos i would recommend using any capture device (e.g.: Blackmagic or Vision Dimension) that is directly connected with your iPad. This allows recording of Tagtool multiplayer sessions, because you are not using bandwidth for video streaming and you can capture the best quality you can get out of an iPad up to 1080p. Also any VJ software will see the device as an input device with low latency for live-visuals.


so excited to have RECORD function once again! I’ve been waiting for it ever since KAMCORD stopped working with Tagtool Play and I was broken-hearted. Airserver is super easy and I’m going to try doing live Youtube broadcasts soon! Thanks for the heads-up!

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Will there be a way to record video - native on the ipad? I like the photo snapshot function, but I miss video. On ios 11 there is a screen recording funcion, but that dos not capture tagtool fullscreen.

(Record on via a computer is not an option for me - has to be native on ipad)

Hi @Aggersborg,

Yes, we’re working on native video recording right now. Results are promising so far. Should be available with the next update!


Great news! Looking forward to that.

So, once native video recording is released… will there be any other reason to need to use solutions like Reflector or AirServer?


Reflector and AirServer are an easy way to stream the Tagtool visuals to a Mac or PC without cables or adaptors.

AirServer also is compatible with Syphon, which opens up a lot of possibilities. For example, you can use Tagtool as a layer in most common VJ and live video apps, such as Modul8, MadMapper, Resolume, Isadora, etc.


Have just got hold of a Hauppage HD PVR Rocket to record Tagtool sessions in HD. It’s great, records at full resolution to a usb drive and passes the hdmi through to a monitor. Have previously used Reflector 2 with Screenflow, and Tagtool Player Beta with Screenflow to record the wireless output on laptop but they ctrash tagtool when you disconnect them, as well as needing the laptop and a convoluted setup. The Rocket is a lot more portable for gigs and has a simple oversized button to start and stop recording. Highly recommend these gaming recorders (ther are others at different bit-rates/quality available) for recording tagtool sessions!

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Could you post a link?


Hello - I see the last comment about a function to record animation sessions was in 9/2017? Has there been any progress on or an ETA on that function?

@OffLeashArea Yes there has been progress recently on video recording, but can’t give an ETA yet!


Haven’t seen any updates for a long while. I thought recording video out of tagtool was coming very soon over a year ago. Has it been abandoned?


We tried a couple of times to implement a recording functionality in the iOS Version, but never reached a point that was satisfying enough in terms of video quality, graphics performance on the external display & stability on the iPad.

Right now we are testing a recording feature in the Tagtool Player App. A PC/MAC can easily host a multiplayer session and record the workspace in high quality at the same time. This looks very promising.

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The builtin screen recording is decent enough. Surprising you couldn’t get it to work sufficiently. I thought maybe because it’s vector it might be problematic with dithering and such, but there are other vector animation apps that seem to export very nice 4k video. So, it’s gotta be possible I’d assume.

What is this Tagtool Player app for Mac? I don’t see it available. Is it only in beta now? If so, how might one be included? Or, if not in beta… where is it available?

Update: never mind… I found the Tagtool Player app. For others looking for it:

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