HDMI doesn't work on ipad air 2

Hello, my name is Luis Mendoza and I’m from Mexico, recently I bought the pro version from Tagtool App, so when I connect the lightning to HDMI it shows the entire graphic interface, it shows the color palette, and all the labels and I just want it to show me the screen where the drawings are shown
how can I make the screen to which and show me just the drawing?
Also when I see the tutorials from the app I remember seeing that you could record video of what had been drawn
so I don’t know if the version is not able to record my drawing.

I Really need your help because I will use this tool for a band show.


What iOS are you using? What model?

Do you have the setting “Mirror external display” disabled? You would also see “blue” dots on your external display if enabled.

The video recording did work in a previous version - but only when you where connected to the internet and in low resolution. We used an external platform called “Kamcord” - but they stopped their service - so we had to take the functionality out.

The Tagtool Player works best for recording animations - we are working on the public release for that. The current BETA version is also in development due to the current app update.

External software/hardware might be an option.