iOS 11.0.2 - External display issue on all iPad models

Dear all,

I updated my iPad Pro from recent iOS 11.0.0 to 11.0.2 and found out that the external display is crashing as soon as you connect it. The iPad turns black and you you see the loading symbol until the device restarts.
We thought this issue only occurs on older iPad models like Air 2 and below but with the latest update this issue also affects the latest models.

If you have any serious performance coming up i would recommend to wait till this issue is fixed by Apple with iOS 11.1

I immediately checked the new public beta of iOS 11.1 and the external display works again on all models.
Please have patience until this patch goes live in the end of October.



Thanks for posting, was about to report this same bug. Not only does external display not work from any ipad model to any external TV or projector, but I also can’t open the “old” Tagtool anymore as it’s not certified to run on the newest OS. So now I’m shit out of luck. I can’t project using any version of Tagtool. :frowning:

That really sucks. Apple’s iOS updates 11.0.1 and 11.0.2 actually made things worse. We are also talking to Unity3D and they are aware of the problem. The only solution I can suggest at this point is to install the 11.1 beta version of iOS, which according to our tests fixes the problems with external displays. The official release will hopefully be soon.

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If you have a Pro model you could also try to recover your iPad back to 11.0.0. Did you backup your iPad before updating?

There are also iOS backups on the Apple Developer Page - but you will loose all your data. Your apps can be re-downloaded of course.

Sorry to put you in that position.

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We managed to get an external display running in iOS 11.0.2 using Airserver or Reflector. Just be aware as soon as you disconnect the display again the app shuts down as well. Besides that it runs stable during the session.

Hopefully they release the patch earlier. We are also pretty depended on that feature.

Thanks. Going back to an older iOS version isn’t worth the hassle. I could potentially work via Airserver, but I like not hauling my macbook around :slight_smile:.

I’ll just wait until 11.1. It’s been interesting, I’m playing with old projection apps I haven’t used in a while like Vidibox and Uzu :slight_smile: .

@Maki thanks for the tip on installing the beta. I might do that on my iPad since I only use it for fun stuff like this.

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Anyone know if this by chance was fixed with the 11.0.3 update that dropped earlier today? Or, still need to wait for 11.1?


Sorry! We still have to wait for the major update. I tried and still have issues with the external AV-Adapter. I can use Airplay but disconnecting still crashes the app.

Do you have an idea when that major update is supposed to be out? It’s not a big deal for me at the moment at all. Still learning. I did buy an updated adaptor to run my iPad to an older projector… that works great, but I haven’t tried it since iOS11.

I also was playing with sending to a large screen via AirPlay the other day and don’t recall disconnecting from Airplay causing a crash. Is that what you’re saying? ie. that disconnecting from airplay crashes the app?


Rumor has it that it should be out end of October. fingerscrossed

@Airplay: If i quit Airplay on my Air 1 the app crashes immediately. If i turn if off properly or just quit the Airserver App does not matter - i get the same results.

I just tried the same with a 10.5 pro, 11.0.3 and using airplay. Works fine, but if I disconnect airplay, it crashes the app, or basically quits out of it. Only a problem if you’re working on something and haven’t saved it. Correct?

So the patch hasn´t really changed anything for us. Patience is needed.

And yes, saving helps.

FYI: Updated to 11.1 that dropped earlier today and it does not seem to have fixed the external display issue. I tried sending to AirPlay with tagtool running, then disconnecting from AirPlay. Still crashes Tagtool.

Not really a big deal to me, but thought I’d pass it on.

This is still an issue, right? Updated Air2 to 11.2 beta, still crashes on either cable or airplay video out / 2nd screen. Only seems to be working stable on the pro for now. Gonna test airserver now.

@benjaminrabe Apple sort of fixed it for 11.1 (even though performance with external display was kind of slow), and then broke it again for 11.2 beta :frowning:

We keep updating the Unity team and they assure us they are working on it on their side. Here’s the issue in the unity tracker - if you have a Unity account (it’s free) please vote it up!

We’re closely monitoring all developments regarding this issue and will post updates here.

PS: We are currently running an internal beta test for Android, no issues whatsoever with external display…


Upvoted! Thx for the update!


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