New version! Tagtool 1.4.1 is available on the App Store

We’re happy to announce the release of Tagtool version 1.4.1. This update includes the return of the smooth Aim Trail feature, and new Output Quality settings. We’ve also fixed issues with the app not starting on some older devices, fixed crashes when connecting/disconnecting external displays, and improved general performance and stability.

You can download the matching PC and Mac versions here.
Please be aware that the desktop “server” versions are unsupported and provided as-is. Their main use is to share the Tagtool canvas with other visuals apps using Spout or Syphon. You can join Tagtool running on iPads to the server over Wifi or Ethernet using the multiplayer feature.

Tagtool SE, the “school edition” which is suitable for bulk purchasing with volume discount, has been updated too.

Thank you for your support, and happy Tagtooling!


  • Aim Trail: brought back the smooth fading trail when using the aiming function
  • Added Output Quality settings under Main Menu > Graphics Settings. This affects how smooth the artwork appears on the external display, in fullscreen mode or in video recordings. “Low Quality (no AA)” disables Anti-aliasing and is a good option on slower devices. “Medium Quality (FXAA)” and “Medium Quality (SMAA)” offer two different versions of fast smoothing, SMAA as the default setting. “High Quality (MSAA)” looks best but is the slowest option.
  • Super Sampling: this option appears in the Graphics Settings menu on iPads with M1 processor or faster. This is an ultra high quality setting recommended only for high end devices or offline renders with the realtime capture switch turned off in Capture Settings.
  • Fixed issue with app not starting on some older devices
  • Remember last used server name for online sessions
  • fix crashes when connecting/disconnecting external display
  • lots of bug fixes and performance optimizations