Tagtool 1.1.0 available on the App Store!

We have released Tagtool version 1.1.0 on the App Store! See below for what’s new. Please let us know how the update is working for you! Ratings and reviews on the App Store are very much appreciated, too.

The next one is already in the works… some exciting improvements are coming soon!


• Improved multiplayer functionality - faster transfer of large amounts of content, more reliability even with lower quality network connections.

• New canvas system - specify the exact format and resolution of your canvas, or have it set automatically, under Main Menu > Graphics Settings > Canvas Format.

• Decks accessible in Files app - in the iOS Files app, navigate to On My iPad > Tagtool > decks to see all your deck folders. Copy them to a file synching service like iCloud Drive, Dropbox or Google Drive to transfer them to your computer for backup or to share them with other Tagtoolers.

• Other improvements - German language option, re-ordering of deck items by dragging them, simplified menu structure, …

• Lots of bug fixes


Do you know if the syphon-spout feature is available?

as well i used the new version of Tagtool, and try to conecto to tag tool player on mac, it says it can’t, due different software versions

What can i do to have all the updated software,


Fantastic Updates!
Ability to search for photos without losing control of the workspace, dragging decks, saving decks, new canvass sizes - all works great!

Still figuring out Decks, saving and naming, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out ;0)

Thanks so much - great work - so appreciated!

Any ETA on when the player will be updated to support this new version?


We started working on the update for the Tagtool Player on MAC/PC. Unfortunately i cannot give you any information when the next public BETA will be available.

We will post news here on the forum as soon as possible.


Hi. I just went to use Tagtool and I had not upgraded to the new version. Is it possible it updated itself? Because now I see a resolution functionality, but all my Decks are gone! The folders are still there, but none of the images I’d saved. I had gone in fairly recently, maybe a week and half ago, and they were there. Are my old filed retrievable? I hope so because I had planned to use them for a new project. Thank you! Karen


Sorry to hear that!

Can you send me your backup folder? When you open the Files App on your iPad you should be able to see a Tagtool Folder. The backup should be in there. Just copy the entire “backup_v1-0” folder to your laptop and zip it.

I sent you a private message if you need any help.

Best, Mat