Tagtool 1.4.0-beta24 available, with matching PC and Mac versions


We finally have a new version of Tagtool that we consider ready for upload to the App Store.
While this release is mainly focused on stability and bugfixes, we also included a beta verion of the online multiplayer feature. This allows you to join other Tagtoolers remotely over the internet.

We also solved some long-standing issues:

  • external display is working for iPads with USB-C connector, including M1 models
  • pencil input works for M1 models too

There is one known issue where deck items saved with previous versions of Tagtool have different playback speed of their animations. Otherwise they load correctly. Any content created with one of the recent beta version should work correctly.

We’re also making available matching PC and Mac apps for this release. These are provided for free and as-is, without guarantees or official support. We use these mainly as a way to share the Tagtool canvas with other visuals apps via Syphon (on Mac) or Spout (on PC). The idea is that you operate Tagtool on one or more iPads and connect to the PC/Mac apps using the multiplayer feature over the local network.

The PC version also includes the possibility to share the canvas over NDI. This is useful for example to add Tagtooling to live streams in OBS or other streaming apps.

If you aren’t a Tagtool beta tester yet, you can become one by joining the TestFlight group by visiting this link from your iPad: Join the Tagtool beta - TestFlight - Apple

You can download the PC and Mac versions here: OMAi Share

As always, make sure to back up your Tagtool decks before you make the upgrade.

Please let us know any feedback here or by writing to support@tagtool.org . We will make this new version available on the App Store soon!

Many thanks to Michal Kolasinski and Christian Knapp for making this release happen.

Best wishes from the OMAi team!
Maki, iink, gnu


A great update, thanks!

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Fantastic. A long wait, and much frustration, especially for the TT team. Congratulations, and more blessings upon you for all your work and generosity!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Thank you so much for all your work and Merry Christmas! :slight_smile: xxx


New year, new update! Here’s a fresh Tagtool version with fixes for the issues you guys found in the last one. As before, you can access the iPad version from TestFlight.

If you aren’t a Tagtool beta tester yet, you can become one by joining the TestFlight group by visiting this link from your iPad: Join the Tagtool beta - TestFlight - Apple

The matching PC and Mac version can be downloaded here: OMAi Share


  • Loop marker is shown correctly when creating animations
  • black PNG images can be selected correctly

We’ll test drive this one for a few days, if nothing else comes up it goes straight to the App Store!

Thanks and happy Tagtooling!


Testing now! How do I select and transform the viewport?

Hey @mverzola
The transformable viewport feature is not ready yet. But in the Beta versions you can activate it by triple tapping the version number in the main menu. Then you’ll see a debug menu where you can enable it. In the App Store version the debug menu will not be accessible.

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Thanks a lot for that! The Pencil Pressure is working now!
But can somebody give me a tip: how do I switch off the gestures on the new IPad (the one without a button on the display) so I do not close tagtool each time I use more than 3 fingers for painting?
Greetings from sascha.

I found a way: Accessibility → Guided Access
It is not switching off the gestures but this way the changing of the app is just possible by pressing the top button three times and entering a password.


@Sascha great you found a solution using Guided Access. Yes switching off gestures has unfortunately been disabled by Apple. We will investigate if we can find a way around it from our side.