Tagtool Player - a new way to host Tagtool sessions on a PC or Mac


Here’s a little pre-Christmas goodie from OMAi! Tagtool Player is a simple Windows and Mac app that allows connecting one or more multi-touch tablets over Wifi. It makes it possible to host a Tagtool session on a laptop or desktop computer, and show the output on a projector or display connected to that computer.

It’s currently the best way to present high quality Tagtool visuals. You don’t need any cables or adapters dangling off your tablet(s), and even if you run out of battery or memory, the session still keeps running. Also you can use all the power of current CPUs and graphics cards!

Last but not least, it’s a way around the issues with outputting to external displays on iOS 11, which are caused by iOS and Unity3D currently not playing nice together.

Enough said, here’s the download page!

Happy Tagtooling!


It is awesome!
Is there any way, how to connect that tagtool player with Resolume Arena?
Because it would be great.


Hi friends,i am very excited!I love your Christmas present!!Although my 2015 MacBook Pro’s 15’’ fans and battery didn’t love it so much he,he…Anyway thank you very much I really appreciate it and waiting with patience further development of this excellent app.You are talented people.Thank you :wink:

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Very cool! And works great. Although, my Mac was taking a beating too with the fans and such. :wink:

Is there a good way to record the output? I tried Quicktime screen record but it’s not formatted for the output, etc. I could crop it in an editor of course, but wondering if there’s a more elegant method for recording output from Tagtool… and, whether recording in Tagtool from within the app instead of screen recording on the iPad is still coming soon?

I use OBS, which lets you take the window and record it!


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Ethernet Connection between iPads and MacOSX Laptop

I tried the new iPad USB 3.0 Adapter together with the USB to Ethernet adapter and t it works quite well. As soon as you connect your iPad to the network an ethernet option appears in the settings menu - so you can check IP etc…

My laptop is also connected to the same router with a thunderbolt to Ethernet Adapter. As i do not need any WiFi connection anymore it´s really fast especially when transferring complex scenes. Very good for Studio setups or professional events.


  • Content is transferred very fast between Server and Clients.
  • iPad is supplied with power (as the USB 3.0 Adapter also needs power to run the ethernet adapter)


  • Very pricey for iPads - as you need 3 additional adapter that cost around 40 to 50 Euros ( 1 / Lightning USB 3.0 Camera adapter, 2 / Lighntning to Ethernet Adapter and 3 / Thunderbolt to Ethernet Adapter for MacBook Pro)
  • Not very mobile because of all the cables

Hi I am using Microsoft surface book2, tried to use tagtool player to share screen with my Ipad, but both of my Ipad mini and Ipad pro cannot find the session from my laptop. Anyone got the same problem?

Hello @Nyny,

Are all devices connected to the same Wifi network?
Can you describe in detail, step by step, how you create the session?

Thank you!

Hi @maki

Yes I have made sure the ipad and laptop is under same wifi.

This is how I did it:
1, open Tagtool Player on laptop
2, press START SESSION, then screen jump to black with a line of text on top says joining session with other device.
3, Open New Tagtool on Ipad, press Join Session
4, Then it will only stop there, shows Searching for sessions.

I also tried on Mac with Ipad, same problem. Ipad just cannot find the session from the computer.

Do I need to do any extra set up on computer?

Thank you! Looking forward to heard you reply.


Is there a way to add syphon support please.

Other than that it works great! Thank you very much for all your hard work.



Your steps to start the session seem fine.
How is your network setup? A single Wifi router, all devices connected wirelessly?
Is your router close to all devices and do you have good signal strength?

There shouldn’t be any special setup necessary. We only noticed that searching for session doesn’t always work when client and server are on different subnets (e.g. one connected wirelessly, the other one via ethernet).


Syphon/Spout support hopefully coming soon!

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Hello again,

Just thought of another idea that should be fairly simple to implement.

Within the PC/Mac app could you incorporate some simple keystone options. The ability to simply map the projector output to match your performance space would be amazing.

Keep up the good work and thanks again for tagtool!


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Hi guys, thanks for the Tagtool Player - it is easy to use, and I am using a PC laptop with Ipad Pro, but: in live sessions, after about 1.5 hours of stable performance the connection between Player and Tagtool begins to shut down, joint session has to be reset, Tagtool Player restarted, then it breaks again and again, at some point pressure sensitivity stops working too (this happened on several occasions). This happened on different wifi networks. Anyone had similar problems?


Hello, haven’t seen this problem yet. Is it always after 1.5 hours?

After you restarted, did you restart Tagtool on all iPads or did you simply rejoin? If you experience any strange behaviour we definitely recommend restarting Tagtool on all devices.

Which computer did you use to run Tagtool Player, and which iPads?

all the best, and keep us posted if you have any new info on the problem!

Thank you, I’ll keep you posted. It happened 2 times, after about 1.5 hours, I cannot say exactly. I simply rejoined/restarted session on laptop. I’ll try restarting Tagtool next time. Still, it’s quite awkward in a live session…
I use gaming-grade Dell Win10 laptop and latest iPad Pro 12.5. Only one iPad - I have to use Player because of the external display probs with Tagtool

Oh No. Hosting a workshop with 20 students and the mac app constantantly crashes when in multiplayer mode.




Oh no! Did it work before? Does it happen after you do something specific? Is the Wifi strong, all devices close to the router? Which devices and which Mac are you using?

I can not make it work

I was using a dedicated network just for tagtool. The host computer was a macbook air running sierra 10.12.16. I was using iPad airs running the latest iOS .

I was trying to use 3 iPads at the same time and the Mac app kept crashing, hanging.

It would just shut down the app completely.

Don’t know why.